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Keep Your Home Safe With Impact Doors

JCAB Enterprises is dedicated to providing homeowners in the Miami-Dade and West Palm Beach areas with superior products to protect against storms, natural disasters, and theft. Residential impact doors are available for all types of entryways in any size of home. With over a decade of experience serving homeowners throughout the area, we can offer a solution that will meet your needs and achieve your goals. Our team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured and works tirelessly to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation today.

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Why Install Impact-Resistant Doors in Your Home?

Doorways are the entry into your home. Whether it’s the front of the house, side door, or patio and pool area, they should be an attractive piece of your property while offering protection and safety features for you and your family. Impact doors include the best of both worlds by providing the security you need in a variety of stylish designs and colors.

Benefits of Impact Doors

Storm Protection

Even glass patio impact doors offer durable protection against high winds, flying debris, and other natural disasters. Impact doors will reduce the likelihood your home suffers damage.

UV Protection

Glass impact doors in patios and pool areas offer UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays to minimize damage to indoor belongings and property.

Lower Energy Consumption

Impact doors have added insulating qualities to reduce energy consumption.

Sound Proofing

The high-quality construction of these doors will minimize outside noise pollution from invading your home.

Burglar Security

Impact doors not only withstand hurricane-force winds, but they also offer proven protection against theft and break-ins.

Insurance Savings

Homeowners who install impact doors and windows to protect against storms and break-ins may be eligible for reduced home insurance costs.

Added Property Value

Homebuyers are more interested in a property that has impact doors and windows installed due to the unpredictable and intense weather we see in this part of Florida.

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